Organizing Perpetual Adoration
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"Could you not watch one hour with me?"
                            Matthew 26:40

'Could you not watch one hour with me?' Mt 26:40


A priest from the Apostolate for Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration (APEA) preaches at the Masses on commitment weekend, making an appeal for people to sign up to spend a specific hour each week with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. He asks them to express their willingness to participate by filling out an invitation form.
       The priest then conducts an organization meeting to discuss in detail the organization and operation of perpetual Eucharistic adoration. This meeting is usually held on Sunday or Monday evening, after the appeal is made.




The pastor oversees perpetual adoration because he has responsibility for the Eucharist in the parish. But he should have no additional duties because of perpetual adoration. Perpetual Eucharistic adoration is a lay apostolate. It is lay organized and lay operated. The pastor conducts the opening ceremonies and provides support and encouragement.

Head Coordinator

The head coordinator oversees the organization and operation of perpetual Eucharistic adoration.

Division Leaders

The main work of the four division leaders is done during the organizational phase. A division leader calls up the people who have checked off his or her particular time division on the invitation form and finds out the day and hour wanted. Each division leader fills out a schedule of six hours for seven days or 42 hours. After perpetual adoration begins, the division leaders assist the head coordinator when needed.
       The head coordinator and four division leaders form the core group. The core group members should be recruited before commitment weekend, but they can be recruited during the organization meeting if necessary.

Prayer Teams

A prayer team is made up of all the adorers who have the same hour during the week. There are 24 prayer teams in all, one for each hour of the day. The prayer teams form the foundation of the substitute system.

Hour Coordinators

These are sometimes called "captains." There are twenty four hour coordinators, one for each hour of the day. Each hour coordinator is the head of his or her prayer team and so is in charge of a block of seven hours.
       The 24 hour coordinators form the backbone of perpetual adoration. They assure that there is at least one adorer present in the chapel at all times. Hour coordinators are recruited at the organization meeting, but they can also be recruited before or after commitment weekend.

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